I am a lecturer in Computer Science at Birmingham City University. I have been awarded a PhD in Computer Science from the University of York in 2007. I also hold a MSC in Software Engineering with the the same university, and a BsC in Computer Science with the University of Lisbon (Portugal). I have worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of York, Autonomous University of Madrid, University of Luxembourg and City University of London. I have also spent one year in industry at Praxis High Integrity Systems Ltd (Bath, UK), working in the development of large-scale critical systems.  

My main research areas are modelling, design and formal methods. I am interested in the fields of model-driven development, visual languages, formal methods, formal verification, formal semantics, requirements engineering, security by design and empirical software engineering.

I have produced the following relevant research outputs:

  • Fragmenta, a modular theory for class models to aid with modelling in the large. Fragmenta can be help in making neater and tidier class models, which may be of use in the design of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs).
  • Visual Contract Language (VCL), a visual design modelling language whose novelty lies in its capability to express predicates visually.
  • Formal Template Language (FTL), a formal language of templates.

Email: nuno.amalio at gmail.com